31 Jul 2013

Pretty scary...

Could peaceful protest ever be labelled terrorism? New laws in the states are heading in that direction and Australia's big corporations are eyeing their progress.

Journalist and author Will Potter, who is on a speaking tour of Australia this week, says since 9/11, the focus of the War on Terror in the United States has widened from those who murder human beings to include environmentalists and animal rights activists, who are now considered to be the FBI's number one domestic 'terrorism' threat.
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I have noticed this a few years ago when I googled my name and found me on a list created by US labeling me as an 'organisation' related to a whole list of topics from uranium to carbon credits with the main source this blog. It lists me and other people who refer to this blog complete with maps of which part of the world is affected by it and gauges on the tone of my posts... pretty scary I would say, especially as I seem to have heaps of readers from the US while all my posts are related to Western Australia! This list has only increased and has a timespan from when I started to now and they've invented that I am related to Washington, which is rediculous as besides it's starts with Wa, it doesn't have any relation to our WA = Western Australia!!!
Through his research, Potter continually encountered the influence of corporate interests. "Corporations have been behind this every step of the way."

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