12 Dec 2012

Malaysia orders Lynas to ship out waste

Malaysia has ordered the Australian miner Lynas Corp. to ship out all the waste from its new rare earths plant, because of environmental and health concerns.

Lynas began processing rare earths at the $800 million dollar plant in Malaysia's eastern Pahang state last month.

However, residents and environmental groups are worried about radioactive residue from the factory.

Four Malaysian cabinet MPs (responsible for trade, science, natural resources and health) have now released a joint statement, saying the temporary licence granted to Lynas requires it to remove "all the residue" from the plant out of the country.

They said Lynas must ship out all residue, including products made from it.
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I reckon they should do this as well with the foreign owned companies creating environmental hazards in Australia, let them ship it all back to their own country! The good with the bad!

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