7 Dec 2012

Waste to energy plan

THE developers of a $350 million waste plant set to be built in Kwinana say it could convert up to 300,000 tonnes of rubbish into energy by 2016.

The Kwinana Waste to Energy Plant being developed by Phoenix Energy aims to turn non-recyclable waste into energy, with the by-product turned into bricks.

Managing director Peter Dyson said the facility, to be built on 3.5ha of land in Kwinana, could turn 300,000 tonnes of waste into energy put back into the power grid per year. He said the plant could produce 60 megawatts of energy at full capacity.

Mr Dyson said Australia created 44 million tonnes of solid waste between 2006 and 2007, half of which went into landfill. “No waste goes into landfill from this facility,” he said.

“The waste is turned into energy and the by-product, ash, is created into bricks. About 20,000 bricks could be made each day.”
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Or is it just a fancy new way of telling people they are incinerating waste and while burning it the heat generates power and the ashes left will be used for construction materials....
What about all the CO2 emissions and dioxins? Hope they pay the carbon tax!

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