13 Dec 2012

The Innovation Challenge winner could change steel-making forever

USING recycled rubber to revolutionise steel-making earned Sydney engineer Veena Sahajwalla the $30,000 top prize at The Australian Innovation Challenge awards in Sydney last night.

The technology - which was developed at the University of NSW - has already prevented more than 1.4 million tyres from becoming landfill, with the rubber, along with recycled plastic containers, partly replacing coke in generating power for the production of steel.

Dr Sahajwalla, who studied in India before completing a PhD at the University of Michigan, said the principles underlying her polymer injection technology to create an environmentally friendly steel industry could also be applied to other industries. The technology could cut power consumption by millions of kilowatt hours a year.
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Update: Not sure how to rhym this piece of media (doing the rounds on Facebook this week) with the above idea:

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