10 Dec 2012

World's biggest, oldest trees are dying: research

SYDNEY (AFP) - Scientists Friday warned of an alarming increase in the death rates of the largest living organisms on the planet, the giant, old trees that harbour and sustain countless birds and wildlife.

Research by universities in Australia and the United States, published in Science, said ecosystems worldwide were in danger of losing forever their largest and oldest trees unless there were policy changes to better protect them.

"It's a worldwide problem and appears to be happening in most types of forest," said David Lindenmayer from the Australian National University, the lead author of a study into the problem.
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The Conversation: The end of big trees?


  1. Its happening to both animals and trees. Our effects on the environment have been absolutely way too drastic over the last 4 decades. We need to start to go green, its the only hope for humanity.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service

  2. It is must to change some policy for favoring growth and life of these old trees. They are blessing for many living beings and their death lead to death of many other birds and wildlife. So proper tree services is must for these old tree to increase their life