30 Jun 2013

Fracking Industry Myths Busted!

A range of highly misleading claims are being pushed out through various channels by the gas fracking industry. It is important to be wary of them. In this email, we examine some of their claims:

1. The depth of shale deposits in WA means fracking is safe. FALSE.
The depth of gas bearing rocks has no bearing on the two main causes of water contamination from shale and tight gas development.

2. WA has a lot of experience with shale gas fracking. FALSE.
This claim is highly misleading – only a handful of shale or tight gas wells have been fracked in WA to date.

3. Opponents of shale gas fracking are confusing it with Coal Seam Gas. FALSE.
This claim is untrue – although similarities exist, there is no confusion between the two.

4. Shale gas is a ‘clean’ source of energy. FALSE.
This claim is based on selective accounting – shale gas is likely to be as polluting as coal.

5. There is a robust regulatory framework for shale gas in WA. FALSE.
This claim is highly questionable – the regulator lacks the powers necessary to protect the environment.
More details online or download PDF here.

From Clean Water Healthy Land

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