26 Jun 2013

Waste Not Want Not

I've organised another exhibition with my students from both Curtin University as Central Institute of Technology. In my Sustainable Design class students create a prototype of a product designed according the DfE (Design for Environment) principles which can be Cradle to cradle for example.

Students decide if they want to use virgin materials or recycled materials and surprising most of the students chose for the lather. They have to explain why their product is more sustainable than the average and where it still has environmental impacts during its PLC (Product Life Cycle)

Why this exhibition? To make people aware that products are either designed for obsolescence (for the dump) or designed to have a long life cycle.
And if it's designed for obsolescence it shouldn't be harmful for the environment after disposal.

Design is part of the solution to a more environmental lifestyle and has a huge impact on the world. Decisions on which materials to use, where it is produced and how it's manufactured are all important factors to create a sustainable product.

So if you are in the area, pop in a The Grove library in Peppermint Grove WA next week and have a look at these products.


  1. Anonymous4.7.13

    Hi Wilma,
    Here is a link to The Groves Facebook post on the exhibition, maybe you can share the link with the students and such.
    A few people have asked if they can buy some of the items.
    Next time would should put up some kind of description of the exhibition and some promotional stuff for TAFE and Curtin.
    Kind Regards
    Dean @ The Grove

  2. Thanks Dean, will forward it to the students.
    I've had contact with both Curtin and Central media area but unfortunately none of them came forward so I only used the logos on the invite.