28 Jun 2013

Ready for Plastic Free July?

Only two more days before Plastic Free July starts. And I am ready! This is the third year I am participating and in the past years a lot of habits have changed for the better. I only put my bins out once a month instead of weekly, and even then my 'normal' bin isn't even half full.

We purchase mainly basic food staple what you can buy in bulk and create a lot ourselves, which is less time consuming then people think! And way more healthy! And of course we have a veggie patch, chickens, a compost heap (worked by the chooks) and worm farm.

We use solid soaps, shampoos, deodorants and shaving cream wrapped in paper instead of plastic bottles, besides that it last much longer and there is no plastic waste it's also cheaper!

We cycle everywhere and take public transport rather then the car, this doesn't save plastic but it does save on petrol of which plastics are made.

And of course there are the 4 famous plastic wasters which are so far from us; as we never purchase water or drinks in plastic bottles! Ever! Perth tap water taste o.k. and there are more water refill stations around every day. We never use straws (the benefit of not having children), we don't do take away coffee but rather sit down and enjoy the moment and get it in a real porcelain cup or glass. And we always have our own shopping bags with us! Even the homemade fruit and veg bags.

So the challenge for us this July is to improve our skills and go even further...
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