28 Jun 2013

WA finally gives up on dirty, costly fossil plants

The WA government has finally given up on the controversial refurbishment of units 1 and 2 of the ageing and highly polluting Muja coal-fired generator, and its attempts to extend the units 47-year old life. More than $266 million has been spent on what many perceive to be a half-baked attempt at upgrading old and dirty infrastructure.

The news comes as the WA Government also announces the closure of another ageing and dirty fossil fuel plant, the Kwinana C generator, from October 2015, saying it was too expensive to extend the life of the plant’s final unit.

But at the same time, a private developer, Tesla Holdings, has unveiled plans for a diesel-fuelled peaking plant in the south of the state.

‘It’s high time to make way for more efficient, low-carbon generation – specifically renewable energy.”

WA has some of the best solar resources in the world, and many developers are keen to develop solar PV and solar thermal plants with storage in the state – if they can sign power purchase agreements with the state-owned utility.
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