5 Nov 2007

Bloggers wanted

Are you a Blogger*?
You don't have to be a computer nerd to help out, you only need to have a bit of time and like to add interesting topics to this website. o2 Western Australia is looking for volunteers who want to put this website on the highest rank (as you see we are on number 2 now)
This website is having an average of 14 (international) visitors per day on the moment and I like to increase this number to at least 50 per day. So more and more people will be aware of what's going on in WA on sustainability. Although o2 is aimed on industrial designers, architects, graphic design, fashion, innovation and the arts we include everyone who is interested in a better world. So your background doesn't matter, join the team of Bloggers for o2WA and get your say! When you are interested send an email to Wilma or react in the comment box of this article and I will contact you.

* A Blogger is someone who writes regularly on one or more websites called Blogs. Blogs are pre made websites and very easy to use; you log in, write your story, add a picture and publish the post. Done!

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