7 Nov 2007

Outcomes from SmartandGreen campaign

Hi all

This is the final bulletin from SmartandGreen – as far as we know! – to let you know the outcomes of the campaign you participated in or talked to us about. Despite our efforts, the price for renewable electricity (NaturalPower), went up on 1 October and now Synergy is promoting 'Joining the Green Generation' through EasyGreen block purchase renewable electricity options ($10 extra per bill). However this campaign led to:
- 36 letters sent to 13 WA MPs from across the State (most of them Labor);
- 48 letters sent to the managing director of Synergy (sufficient for them to request a meeting with us);
- 5 stories published in Community Group newspapers across the metro area (see links below); and
- A meeting with Energy Minister Fran Logan's representatives at which we expressed your concerns.

As two people who had never done something like this before, we were impressed that many people took the time to contact the institutions which make decisions on energy in WA – and in many cases, follow up standard replies from Synergy with informed, critical responses. We think that Synergy and the State Government are now on notice! We encourage you to continue your activism, for example by going to the following links below, joining this Sunday 11 November's national, massive Walk Against Warming from 1pm in Esplanade Park in Fremantle and continuing dialogue whenever you see government or industry failing the needs of the planet.
You may even wish to run your own campaign on an issue close to your heart! We have written a report on the SmartandGreen campaign, including tips for anyone wishing to do something similar and would be pleased to email it on request.
Lastly – and possibly most importantly – if you haven't signed up for renewable electricity already and can't afford your own photovoltaics, please consider buying green power through NaturalPower or EasyGreen. Even though this price rise stinks, we believe that by putting our money where our mouth is and buying green power, we are sending one of the most signal most important signals we can to Government to get serious on cutting emissions.

Eloise Dortch and Jasmine Horobin

Community newspaper story links: One - Two - Three - Four - Article on NaturalPower v. EasyGreen

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