21 Jul 2010


Since a few weeks I follow this fellow Aussie blogger who moved to New Zealand and is blogging about her life in the country. I love her simple ideas on how to make yoghurt, the money you save on having chickens or simply looking at day to day life situations.

Today she wrote about McMansions and misery, and she points out the same issues I have with all these new bigger houses build on smaller blocks with hardly any room for an outdoor setting.

I'll add her blog, Cluttercut, to my link list on the side as I think she deserves the spot!


  1. Thanks so much. I feel honoured!

    Leanne over at Cluttercut :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing some good stuff on your blog Leanne!

    I had planned to make yoghurt that way in my yoghurt maker since long but never came to it, so now I finally do it with your practical tips :)

    Sometimes you just need a good example!

  3. Hi Wilma - I just got sick of paying for those packets that they charge so much for. And when I read the ingredients and realised they were basically powdered milk with a bit of culture - WELL!

    Sometimes we just need to give things a go. You do it the first time, then you're forever kicking yourself for not having tried it earlier!

  4. That's true, they are expensive and not much more than powder milk!

    I have my first batch in!