30 Jul 2010

Making airconditioning a blast from design past

A COMPANY claims to have developed a Darwin house that doesn't need airconditioning.

Eco Housing manager Hannah Fletcher said the homes could be cooled by having just louvres. She said airconditioning could be fitted - but a small unit would cool the whole house.

Eco Housing is going into residential property for the first time after putting up community buildings and Darwin's Lameroo apartments. It is building a house in Katherine and another at Frances Park in Darwin.
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  1. Eco housing is really a great idea. Since I have 3 air conditioning units at my townhouse. and 2 in my rest house. I really had great bill after a month, that's really disgusting. I worked very hard just to pay my electric bill? ow that's trouble. I have to pull some of my units...

  2. When warm weather hits and the heat is on, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to be off. It’s essential to maintain steady comfort in your building to keep your residents content.