27 Jul 2010

When in Sydney: Sydney Green Drinks

Green Uppers are invited to this special event at SIMS this wednesday evening. To purchase tickets (with a special GreenUps price) please click here.

Tickets are limited, so get in quick, and we look forward to seeing you there.
Download the full invite as a pdf invite here.

Next Tuesday 3rd of August GreenUps gets intimate and money minded as we head into the city, down a side lane (off George St between King and Market, Next to RM Williams) and into the cosy confines of one of Sydney’s newest small bars - Grasshopper.
Since this will be our first CBD bar we thought we'd try and attract some of those city types with a bit of a green money and finance theme. So invite the bankers, accountants, venture capitalist, financial advisors, investment managers, and of course your good selves down to this months GreenUps to join in the green money conversation.
RSVP: Via Facebook or the MeetUps site, or just come along (and bring your buddies).

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