8 Oct 2007

SmartandGreen: Update and plea for help

Hi everyone

Below is an update on the SmartandGreen campaign against the unfair price hikes for NaturalPower and SmartPower. Unfortunately, we must assume that it did not stop the tariffs from going up last week.

However first a quick request. Are any NaturalPower customers among you willing to be in a local/community newspaper article about these price hikes? It would require you to being willing to be in a photo (something like you and/or your household, pictured holding yoru electricity bill in your backyard) and willing to be quoted, with your name and suburb in the article. Jasmine and Eloise (Smartandgreen) will also probably be quoted, along with your MP and Synergy and/or Fran Logan's office. We can give you an idea in advance about what you might be asked about (Eloise is a former journo) - but it is likely to only a be a few lines; the other interviews will take up the rest of the article.
If you are a NaturalPower customer and are willing to be quoted in your local paper on this topic, please call/text Eloise asap on 0428 768 803 or email mailto:eloisedortch@yahoo.com.au.

The good news is that as a result of at least 40 emails flooding Synergy managing director Jim Mitchell's inbox and at least 25 letters being sent to State MP's we have captured Synergy's attention - sufficiently for them to suggest a meeting with us. At this meeting, they told us they planned to soon begin a reinvigorated promtion of green power. We had some reservations about aspects of their approach and are now seeking a meeting with Energy Minister Fran Logan.
It seems that everyone who wrote to their MP is still awaiting a detailed response however at least one MP (former Environment Minister Judy Edwards, Maylands MLA) has written to say that she shares our concerns. Other MP's have stated they have contacted the Energy Minister Fran Logan and are awaiting his response.

We intend to provide you with a full report on this campaign within a few weeks.
THANKYOU for your involvement and feedback so far! It's the collective efforts of people like you that will get WA on track to addressing the very pressing issue of climate change.

Jasmine Horobin and Eloise Dortch

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