15 Oct 2010

Enviro-nappies pooh-pooh opposition

Australian company EcoQuest Ltd has responded to the growing number of parents searching for eco-friendly options by launching a range of biodegradable nappies.

Australian landfill is clogged up each year with enough disposable nappies to fill the Melbourne Cricket Ground three times over.

These nappies, which use oil-based film for the waterproof layers, can take more than 100 years to decompose.

Advertisement: Story continues below EcoQuest has spent the past three years developing its Little Takas nappies, which are 90 per cent biodegradable, as they use polylactic acids derived from renewable sources such as corn starch.
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They always show you happy babies in a diaper, but the reality is that those babies dirty an average of about five to six diapers a day for the first three years of their life!

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