19 Oct 2010

On-spot fines for breaking watering ban

Households caught flouting sprinkler bans will be fined $100 on the spot as the Water Corporation steps up its efforts to protect Perth's fragile drinking supplies this spring and summer.

As the State Government-owned utility revealed it had virtually stopped using Perth's dams amid fears they could plunge to record lows, corporation water efficiency manager Ben Jarvis said yesterday marked the first day immediate fines would be issued to people who watered their lawns on non-rostered days.

Water Minister Graham Jacobs last month cut sprinkler rosters for scheme water users from two days a week to one day during spring, citing Perth's second-driest winter on record.
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  1. Our Water is cheap Appox $1.00 per 1000 Ltr
    People should fined double for breaking bans
    You should only water by the way your plants feel not by how you feel
    Which country allows you to use 11 1l lts good drinking water to flush 200mm of pee It's Insane. Our goverment has done very little on recycling water makes me mad
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  2. You are right, it's a shame the government isn't doing more, especially now the underground water table worldwide is depleting as well.

    I like the saying 'when it's yellow let it mellow, when it's brown flush it down'