20 Oct 2010

Residents halt tree cull

THE removal of three oak trees in Caversham has been suspended after residents put pressure on the Department of Planning.

Bullsbrook resident Len Hammersley noticed contractors preparing to cut down one of the 9m trees in Guildford Meadows.

Then he sprang into action to put a stop to it.

“I was there when they cut it down from about 8am until 2.30pm,” he said.

“I got onto everyone I knew to spread the word and put a stop to it.”

Mr Hammersley recognised the trees, that had a canopy span of about 30m, were not native to Australia but believed they should still remain standing.

“They are a lot like a lot of other trees that we wouldn’t want to see cut down,” he said. “They are a magnificent specimen.”

He said he would continue to stand up for the trees that were saved.
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